Plastic Polypropylene Tying Twine – 6500′ / Carton


Quantity 1/Each
Shipping Weight 9.54 lb.
Length 6,500 Feet
Color White
Material Polypropylene
Ply 1 Ply
Tensile Strength 156 lb.
Type Industrial Twine
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This 1-ply all-purpose plastic twine is designed specifically for industrial and commercial tying applications. With it’s superior durability, this poly tying twine will last longer and reduce costs when compared to conventional cotton twine. Plus, due to its lightweight, rot and rodent resistant composition, this twine is perfect for use in warehouses, storerooms, or any other type of storage area. Additionally, this poly twine will help you keep your storage areas organized by keeping newspapers, cardboard, bins, and crates bundled together. You can even use this versatile twine to help secure cargo during transport or to help support plants in your garden!

For easy dispensing, it features a center-pull design so you can quickly cut it to your desired length. This convenient dispensing design also keeps the twine from getting tangled and creating a mess that would otherwise slow down production.

Sold approximately 6500′ per carton.

Weight 9.54 lbs
Dimensions 6.500 in


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Plastic Polypropylene Tying Twine – 6500′ / Carton
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